CAF tri … first 1/2 Ironman distance

In La Jolla about to go to bed and feeling a bit anxious.
Tomorrow I’ll do my first 1/2 Ironman distance tri. Some competitive pressure is gone because this is not a race, rather it’s a fundraiser to raise money for the Challenged Athlete Foundation.

If for any reason you’re not feeling positive about a project and need some inspiration, check out CAF. You’ll find a group of heroic, inspirational people.

On another positive note, my friend Mel heard about my bike challenges, and gave me her bike. That’s right! Though I think she did so just to help get me to the finish line and pressure me into getting the M-Dot tattoo. Tempting, very tempting.

The bike is a beautiful powder blue, and tomorrow I get to test it out. Here’s praying it’s a smooth, flat-free, fast ride. Thanks Mel. Can’t wait to share details on Monday.