Blind Faith

I have to brag about an Ironman friend, but first let me set the story.

Imagine being blind and training for an Ironman 70.3 triathlon.  You will blindly swim 1.2 miles in the ocean without the ability to spot wakes, people, or seaweed… AND, you will be tied to someone else.

Then you will sit on the back of a tandem bike for 56 miles without spotting terrain, road debris … AND you must blindly trust someone else to steer you around traffic.

Then you will run 13.1 miles while being tied to someone else … AND you must trust that person to guide you around curbs, potholes, and 2,000 other athletes.

Just one challenge in accomplishing that goal is finding people to provide 1090882_1231320863563615_8893653314949195696_ounconditional support while training and racing.

Here’s the bragging part … Art Hernandez, a fellow Ironman, took on that leadership role by helping his friend, Tony Duenas, train/race for Ironman Oceanside, and on Sunday, April 3rd, and they crossed the finish line … together.

For the past few months their Facebook posts moved me to either cry, laugh, or be fill with anxiety … especially their video of blindly cycling down a mountain.

12932708_1231320536896981_7029031233398738065_nGuessing Art could not have provided that support without the love and backing from his girl friend and others. After all, helping one thrive takes a village.

So a special thanks has to be said to all who helped Art and Tony cross the finish line.

You guys are AMAZING!!!
Always Tri.  Never Stop.