June 4, 2011



Annemarie is an avid swimmer and cyclist, but she doesn’t like to run, and for 10 years that weak link kept her from a dream … becoming an Ironman triathlete.

It is a race where athletes have 17-hours to finish the course:
2.4-mile swim
112-mile bike ride
26.2-mile run, a full marathon

Doesn’t it seem impossible?
But taking on the world’s most challenging endurance race beautifully transform her life.
In October 2009 she read about a man who overcame cancer and a heart bypass to race Ironman Kona.  It’s like the Super Bowl of triathlons.

Annemarie thought, “if he could overcome physical, mental, and financial challenges then I could overpower fear.” Within a month she registered to race Ironman Arizona 2010.

A Two-Fold Goal

  1. Discipline the body to finish in less than 17 hours.
  2. Discipline the mind to race without one negative thought.

To train Annemarie embarked on a 12-month journey.
She joined a triathlon and masters swim club.
She read training books, studied nutrition, and accepted support from other athletes.

By race day her body fat was 17% and her mind was positive.
Then after 16h 07m 57s she became an Ironman.

Reaping The Rewards

Afterwards USA Triathlon magazine featured her as an inspirational athlete, and that exposure started a new journey — being a public speaker and sharing her story of surviving to thriving in the sport of life.

Annemarie has spoken on many stages: radio, national and international publications, women’s groups, trade associations, and even a TEDx stage.  And Toastmasters, featured her in their international magazine, printed in seven languages and distributed to 135 countries.

Also in 2012 Annemarie entered a promotion to win an entry slot to race Ironman Kona. Though she didn’t win entry, the experience was priceless.

What’s the take away?

Crave life.  Embrace life.  Live life.
Explore the impossible and thrive.
Don’t let fear dictate your life.