A Drifter

Eye spy with my little eye … a Drifter.  That’s what you call a swimmer who can’t swim a straight line.

I’ve been a Drifter, usually during ocean swims.  If you’re a fellow Drifter and don’t know how to get back on track here’s a tip: spot an object like the shore, a building, or another swimmer. Spotting markers are a great way to stay on course.

Being a Drifter gave me patiences this morning with a Drifter who lacked form. His hands slapped the water.  His body didn’t twist.  He breathed like a lost puppy, lifting his head straight up then looking around. He was so off form that he drifted into three lanes with each lap. Swimming near him gave me pause and pride … active people, with or without skill,  inspire me.

Then my eye spied something never seen in all my years in the pool.  The Drifter attached a twisted green wire to his goggle’s nose piece, and it projected outward (about six inches) in front of his nose.  And the end twisted into the shape of a heart or it could have been a three leaf clover.  Anyway, I couldn’t tell.  Was he being guided by love or luck???  Maybe both!!!

It hung there in front of his face like a green steering rod, guiding him to nowhere as he drifted along.  Only when we met at the same end of the pool, only when he pushed off to swim the back stroke did I stare at the green steering rod that bobbled like a bee.  My “eye spy” must have looked like a stink eye as I silently asked, What’s the purpose?

Just as the question evaporated, I was reminded that the Drifter was doing his thing; swimming, enjoying the morning, being active.  Whether he was being guided by love or luck I could not judge.  The Drifter was doing more than most at 7am, and with that inspirational thought I jumped out of the pool to take on the day, silently cheering him on yet wishing for a camera … the Drifter clearly caught my eye.

Alway tri.  Never stop.