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Annemarie 2Annemarie’s Values

–       Be responsible
–       Be proactive
–       Be aware
–       Be synergistic
–       Be transparent
–       Be vocal
–       Thrive. Enjoy life

Embracing life

Annemarie’s life has transformed since age 19, when a stalker raped and attempted to kill her.  As you might guess the experience rocked her world, but it doesn’t define her life.

Instead Annemarie embraces life by following her passion for sports.  For a time she worked with The Walt Disney Company’s pro-sport division – the Anaheim Angels and the Mighty Ducks.

Anaheim_Angels6Then she created sponsorship and community-engagement campaigns for various Fortune 1000 companies.

One side project included organizing a ski trip for 40 kids from Watts, and that campaign introduced her to the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where companies leverage  resources that equally value people, the planet and profits.  Instantly she loved  the idea.

The best is yet to come

After leaving Disney, Annemarie transformed her love of CSR and community-outreach to consult MLB’s RBI-LA campaign, RedBull, Microsoft, PEMCO and LPS Asset Management.

Annemarie du LeBohn Ironman AZ finisherFor fun she started cycling and swimming and by 2010  took on the most transformational challenge of her life – Ironman.  The goal was two-fold:

  1. Discipline her body to become an Ironman.
  2. Discipline her mind to race without one negative thought.


In 2011, after achieving Ironman success, Annemarie was featured as an inspirational athlete in USA Triathlon magazine and then asked to be a keynote speaker at a national women’s conference, Women in Default Services (WinDS).  Both were daunting for it required her to share her stalking secret.

Then Annemarie realized that “transformation” is the common denominator between CSR, Ironman and personal development.  Each requires a powerful mindset, a supportive community, and goals that follow one’s bliss.

… CSR transform companies by equally valuing people, the planet and profits;
… Ironman athletes transform their body and mind to compete in the world’s toughest endurance sport;
… People with a victim mindset transform their lives by embracing a positive mindset.

Your idea is irrelevant until you strive to make it relevant.        Annemarie du LeBohn

Annemarie du LeBohn in USATNow Annemarie customizes speeches and workshops with transformational tips learned from Ironman.

The response is powerful. People have told Annemarie,

  • I’ll implement your tips into my personal and business life.
  • I’m philanthropic and didn’t realize my business resources could strengthen my efforts.
  • Please share 5k training tips.
  • Can you give me community engagement ideas?
  • Can you help me loose weight?
  • Will you be my life/business coach?

Living with purpose

After giving my first speech I’ll never forget the connection I felt from people who heard my secret.  They embraced it, embraced me, and shared their stories too.  Together we laughed, cried, felt empowered.  Because of them I found my purpose.  It’s to share my story and help others positively transform their life one stroke, one pedal, one step @ a time.

~ Annemarie du LeBohn

Develop a peaceful, powerful mindset.

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